Monday, February 13, 2006

The House is SOLD!!!!

It all happened so fast! Friday night I blogged my disappointment that the house hadn't sold and wasn't going to sell and that I would be forced to stay here and 'house sit' until it did sell, and then by Saturday afternoon... it was sold! There were 2 couples looking at the house. The first couple was going to make an offer on Tuesday but we never heard back from them. The 2nd couple wanted to buy the house on contract because their credit scores weren't high enough. They were going to put 2,000-5,000 down and then 'rent' until they could purchase based on improved credit score. The catch would be that all that down payment would go toward realty fees and there's still no guarantee they would buy the house. So back to the first couple: my realtor and I agreed to put a deadline on them. They needed to make an offer by 5pm on friday due to the urgency that it needed to be sold. Friday came and went and we never heard from them. I didn't feel comfortable pressuring someone into a major purchase like that, but I was willing to give it a try. On saturday morning, I awoke w/ an idea. What if we offered to reduce the price of the house and make an offer to THEM? Sort of like a 'red tag clearance sale' if you will. So I called my realtor and we drew up the contract (only in reverse for what a buyer would submit) and made the offer. Within an hour and a half they signed!!! Amazing! Completely amazing! No words to really express the weight that was lifted. I am now free to go to the peace corps (pending the inspection, so i'm not totally out of the woods...) Ever see the movie Rudy?? I cry at that movie. Do you know where? Not at the end when he gets the sack. That's a big part, but not THE part. The one i'm talking about is when he's been going to Holy Cross and applying to Notre Dame over and over and over and each time he gets rejected. His last chance of eligibility he applies one more time and he recieves the envelope that contains the information of whether all of his hard work paid off or not. He has worked so hard and studied so much and poured his heart and soul into getting into Notre Dame. It has been his life dream. So he sits on a bench by a river and opens the envelope, removes the letter and reads: "Congratulations, you have been accepted to the University of Notre Dame" He cries tears of pure joy as he reads through the letter and then tucks it into a book and runs off. Saturday was my Rudy moment!


At 14 February, 2006, Anonymous Andrew teh super host said...

YO YO YO its Andrew!! I have begun to read the blog... ooh good stuff.
BTW email me at but I don't check it often.. I shall be on here now, checking stuff as the days go bye.


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