Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Starbucks and new friends

Starbucks means so much more than cheap, addictive stimulants and placing orders using terms like 'tall' when you mean small and 'grande' when you mean lots. Just when i was comfortable w/ small, medium, and large, they go and reinvent. What's up with that? Well, I was at Starbucks the other day. Reading a neat book called Ending World Poverty by Jeffrey D. Sachs. I'd been there for several hours by then and was wanting to put away just one more chapter before I left. Starbucks attracts all types. Families with children. High schoolers clammoring to get a buzz on cafeene and to partake in casual conversation. Couples seem to be the rule. Guy girl couples, girl girl couples, and occasionally guy guy couples, because we all know that males rarely participate in the ritual known as 'actual conversation'. A group formed a 'circle of friends' a mere 2 feet from my reading zone and began talking amongst themselves. A mixture of adults and high schoolers. I paid as little attention as I could but I couldn't help but pick up on a few Christian refrences, at which point I tend to tune my ears in a bit closer to see if I agree or disagree w/ their doctrine/practices/judgements, etc. It wasn't long until I glanced up to see a fellow Rushvillian, Ryan Dillon. With his red sideburns and bangs hanging down over one eye. He slightly waved as if to say, 'I think you are who I think you are,' and I did the same. Come to find out he was there with his band "The House Effect" and they had just had a show in Greenfield at the boys and girls club. We chatted it up, 'how are your folks?' 'how's your brother Justin?' (who did Teach for America in Philidelphia for 2 years before finishing Law School) Along with Ryan (Bones) I also met Steven (Pig-Pen), (tiny) Tim, and their Manager, Debbie (aka Tour Mom). Debbie is an aspiring writer who has a passion for sucking the marrow out of life and for writing. She's currently working on writing down stories she grew up telling her kids and putting them into a collection that is to be available for young mothers and young women to use as a 'moment of grace' to give them a life, encouragement or a story for their young children. What a neat passion, eh? (she's also a future marathoner, she just doesn't know it yet) It was cool, these guys have this band and thier name, House Effect, is about how pivital a home life is w/ all members functioning and serving their purposes and intentionally serving each other as well as serving Christ. It was refreshing to say the least to meet each and every one of them and I will keep them in prayers and hope that they continue to reach for the stars and pursue their dreams and I'm hoping our paths will cross sometime soon. Steven, as it turns out, is very interested in the Peace Corps so we had a lot to talk about on that subject. So remember, go to Starbucks and keep your eyes open. Your $3 cup of coffee could turn into an enchanting evening.


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