Friday, March 03, 2006

Packing and Boston

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Well, I have arrived. At least for staging in Boston. The pictures shows my 'stuff' laid out before I packed it. Note the parmasean cheese and the non stick frying pan, just to name a few items. There are 37 of us in all. One married couple and one lady who is from Lafayette and worked at Purdue. How random is that??? It still feels very surreal, this whole thing. I mean it's all happening for sure, but I still feel like I'm going to be flying home soon and sleep in a bed in a house, neither of which I own anymore. There's a lot of excitement thus far. Most of us want to skip staging and go right to Uganda. I guess there will be a time for that. We ate Thai food tonight and chatted about what we all brought for the 2 years. I'll blog more when I get a chance.


At 03 March, 2006, Blogger kimmeh said... exciting is that!? as one who hopes to do PC in a couple years, i am completely stoked for you, and will check your blog often.

God's many blessings on you as you embark! oh, and enjoy my city for the short time you are here. :)

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger cory said...

Oh Man, how unfortunate that the last U.S. city you'll be in will be Boston... ugh. they shipped us out of Philly.

Oh Man, this is an exciting time, i know. i was there 6 months ago. Good for you, i say. good for you.

save your walking around money. it'll come in handy later.

good for you!!!


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