Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"Excuse me, sir. The movie's over."

That was what I heard last night after I had fallen asleep watching Walk the Line at the $1 theater on washington square. Apparently I had fallen asleep (not uncommon for me). It was the last showing of the night and who knows how long I had been there before the usher brought me back to consciousness. That phrase, however, stayed with me. "Excuse me, sir. The movie's over." On the eve of my Peace Corps service, in a great way, the movie is over. And another is beginning. The movie of trying to find myself in corporate America, the movie of figuring out what greater thing i'm supposed to do with my life, the movie of living life without regrets. It's coming to a close. This PC thing has sparked something new in me. It has brought excitement, purpose, wishfullness into an ordinarily mundane life. Yesterday my packing list of 2 years of stuff was strewn across the livingroom. What does one need to servive for 2 years. Now it's all packed and waiting to go. Thanks to everyone who diligently prayed for me to even get me to this point. A sincere and heart felt 'Thank You'. Many, many people have told me that it 'takes a special person' to do what I'm doing. Eh... I don't know about that. If it were 'easier' and then maybe more would. I said a tearful goodbye to my sisters on Sunday. Had several friends and family over that day as well. 2 years is a long time, and it will go by all too quickly as well. It all starts tomorrow.


At 02 March, 2006, Anonymous Jennifer Noble said...

"The movie is over." I like fitting. I know you'll have an amazing 2 years. Knowing you makes me cool by association, so keep up the good work!

At 02 March, 2006, Anonymous mom said...

Hey Brian,

It's been wonderful having you home today. Have a great trip. Have a greeeeeat two years in uganda.

At 02 March, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will pray for your safety, your success and your personal and spiritual enrichment. My life is better because of our interaction.
Mike Asher

At 03 March, 2006, Blogger kittybrunette said...

Good Luck, Brian Dunn, on your next adventure. Sorry we missed lunch, if you want, feel free to email me about your writing and I can do my best to help you out. Keep in touch! I'll be praying for you


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