Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's Marathon Time

So I'm totally cleared for the Peace Corps. Everything I can do is done and it's an unbelievably relieving feeling. All that's left is to recieve the "Offical Invitation" which will arrive in a manilla envelope in the next 1-4 weeks. Needless to say I can't wait to get home and check my mail EVERY SINGLE DAY. The one stipulation is that i MUST sell my house before I can accept the invitation. I was mistaken as to when I can leave. I originally thought that if I didn't leave in early November then I wouldn't leave until May or June. After talking to my recruiter I found out that those other dates were programs she could nominate me for at the time, but it's quite possible that a program has or will becomve available that will enable me to leave in December or January for a variety of reasons, for example if someone backs out or cannot leave at a certain time. On another, more painful note. I'll be running the Columbus Marathon this Sunday. 26.2 miles of hell. I'm still trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon which would require running a 3hr 10min race which is a 7:15 per mile pace. The closest I've come is in Chicago where I ran 3:18. One amazing thing about Columbus is that last year 20% of all runners qualified for the Boston Marathon!!! 1 out of every 5!! It's known for being a very flat, fast course, but come on! 1 out of every 5!!!??? I was able to talk my nephew Morgan into going w/ me. ("Hey, it will be fun!! You can stand on the sidelines for over 3 hours and play 'Where's Waldo' while looking for me. How could you spend a better Sunday??") Morgan recently ran a 5K w/ me at the Indy Irish Festival and did very very well finishing at 22 minutes and 2nd in his age group. He currently is playing JV soccer for Pike High School and all the girls think he's 'fine'... must take after his uncle...


At 12 October, 2005, Blogger cory said...

congrats on the clearence and best of luck with placement.


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