Wednesday, November 09, 2005

An Invitation is on it's Way...

OK, Now THIS is exciting!! An invitation is on it's way! In the mail! From the Peace Corps! To my house!! I'm dripping with anticipation!! In it contains the Peace Corps OFFICIAL invitation to participate in whatever country doing whatever project. I have only 10 days to either accpet the invitation or reject it and wait for another. Reasons for rejecting would be: house not sold, in debt up to my eyebrows, I'm affraid to fly over any major bodies of water including the Ohio River... That isn't to say that I'll be leaving in 10 days. The invitation could be for June, but here's what I know: This past week, the peace corps called me several times. We discussed many things from why I quit teaching (which I had already explained until i wanted to throw up in my interview) to the PCs policy about evangelizing (due to my religious beliefs and background). My response to the latter was that I intentionally joined the PC with the intent of NOT evangelizing after considering several other volunteer, faith based organizations including Mission Year. They had told me that they had a spot teaching English in Asia (that's all they tell you, they don't tell you what country at this point). They did say they would re-evaluate my application and on the following day they gave me these two options: Eastern Europe doing Community Development specializing in Troubled Adolescents and Teaching English; and Africa doing Health/Sanitization and Water Treatment. I consulted my sources: Jill Case (long long long time friend), Roger Williams (my global perspective friend), Chuck Shields (college roomie and Mr Useless Knowledge for $500 Alex) , Jennifer Megee (PCV in Haiti doing Health & Water Treatment), and God (I hope you know Him) Their answers varied. Reasons such as "Africa seems like the bigger 'need' because they don't have clean water supplies." "Where do you see yourself spending 2 years of your life." "Europe would be easy to travel around in if you were serving there." "Which type of work would you enjoy doing more?" After mulling it over and sleeping on it, I decided ultimately to rank Africa #1 and Eastern Europe #2 for a couple of reasons. I do believe that the basic human need of fresh water for sustaining life is a serious need in parts of Africa. I can see myself more in Africa than in Eastern Europe. Africa seems like more of the "Bush Experience" that you would think of when you think of the Peace Corps. Europe is somewhere that can be explored after the PC extent is done. So, the invitation is in the mail... We'll see what it says... On a side note: Went to Tennessee this weekend with Tania and Jen to visit the Nelsons. I also biked across Knoxville w/ Ashby who is going to run his FIRST MARATHON (Chicago) next year once he quits smoking and loses 40 lbs!! That's what I call setting a goal!!


At 12 November, 2005, Blogger cory said...

hey Pervis,

good choice on Africa. i, as a SBDV, am not in the bush so much as you, a potential enviornment vounteer, would be. but i definitely love it. so does almost everyone i talk to, mostly in senegal and tanzania. again, congratulations, and i'm excited to find out where you end up.

At 22 November, 2005, Blogger Roger Williams said...

I need to get on that plan with Ashby!

Keep making good choices!


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