Thursday, November 03, 2005

To Asia in January???

Got a call from the PC. It was from the placement office in DC. (so many abbreviations, so little time) They had a few more questions such as "Why did you decide to quit teaching?" "Do you understand that you may not have access to a place of worship that shares your religious beliefs", "Do you understand that the Peace Corps is a federal agency and does not encourage Evangelizing?" "Do you further understand that if you were to attend worship services, say Protestant services, for example, that you could alienate another religious group, say Catholics, to the extent that they may even ex-communicate you which would defeat your purpose of serving people in the PC?" From that I was told that they were looking to possibly place me in Asia where I would be teaching English. She also mentioned teaching in a primary school which I quickly said, "No thanks!" The thought of teaching Elementary school gives me flashbacks to "Kindergarten Cop" "Boys have a ..." never mind. I should know more by Friday, the placement officer said. Stay tuned!


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