Tuesday, August 23, 2005

pay for what you get...

...as the Dave Matthews song goes. Well, much has happened since the last post. First, I've changed Jobs. I'm now an ironworker, which pays nearly 2x as much as my previous job and i won't have to work any Saturdays. Wa-Hoo!! I had stayed with my previous job for far too long but was too comfortable to change, which is a dangerous place to get to. In between the last job and the current job there was an interview w/ Best Buy, or should I say the interview from Hell? Hands down the worst interview I've ever had. I was overly eager for a job in which I knew I wasn't qualified for. Because I wasn't qualified, they tried to stick me in a sales position paying me what they pay their high school kids who work there. I was trying so hard to get that measly job that at one point the interviewer stopped me and said: Stop selling yourself. That phrase has stuck with me these past few days. "Stop selling yourself." How often do we try to 'sell ourselves'? To impress others with what we've done, where we've been, who we know, what we know? I know that my own motivation for several of the events I do (theater, running) is to chalk it up as an experience so that I can 'sell myself' to others by saying, 'oh yeah? well look what I've done' I mailed my medical forms on Friday. My hope is that I will be able to get everything in and done so that I can still leave in November. I had a looker at my house this weekend, but I haven't heard anything back yet...

Monday, August 15, 2005

Running in the Rain

Century 21 had an open house this Sunday from 2-4pm. No one showed up... I worked from 6am - 2pm painting, cleaning, organizing... and no one showed up. But I now have an immaculately clean house to show for it :) and that's a good thing. I've been talking to my brother, Andy, and there's a possibility that if the house doesn't sell before I leave that he will move in and assume the mortgage and take over as the power of attourney and sell the house for me. He just accepted a job with Progressive Insurance in Castleton. Ideally it will work out well because he has no furnishings for his own place and I've got stuff that'll go to storage. Yesterday was one of 'those' days. The type of day that hangs in the balance between inspirational, erie and spiritual. It began w/ the movie The Island. It was good. 7 of 10 stars in my opinion. Better than average (ie I stayed awake) but too many of those "there's no way that could happen" to be great. Like the Matrix in the sense of is this life we're living the real life or are we in a dream/brainwashed state of mind, programed to believe what we believe. Folowing the movie I recieved the phone call that nobody wants to recieve: Jason Cain's sister-in-law, Rachael, had passed away in her sleep leaving behind a husband and 4 young children... Sunday is my long run day. Running from anywhere between 10-20 miles. I laced up the Saucony's and threw Gaelic Storm into the MiniDisc Player. I had a lot on my mind and needed to run it off ...and it started to rain! Bonus! There is NOTHING like running in a warm rain! It is one of those extra gifts from God and you throw your hands out and act like you're in Shawshank Redemption and soak it up as cars pass by wondering if you've lost your sanity. Running means being alone, heart pumping and thinking. A lot. And when you run for 2 consectutive hours... thinking a whole lot. Why did Rachael have to die? What happens now to her kids? Her husband, Steve? Life isn't fair! Who's next to die? How much are we products of our brainwashed subcultures? (like in The Island) How much of who we are is shaped by what is 'advertised' to us through our culture, movies, commercials, etc? What is wrong with organized religion? Why can't it get it's act together? What is really important in this life? What is keeping you from becoming who you see yourself as and who you want to be? What bridges that gap? A million questions. A million things to think about. And one wet, rainy night...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Fran Bryce Kathy & David

Fran Bryce Kathy & David, originally uploaded by dunnbrian.

Kathy and Bryce (Married August 8th) have decided that they would like Leighla and that they MIGHT take Bear. It'd be nice to keep them together (the dogs, not the people) but it's difficult to find someone who wants both dogs. They'll be moving soon to Western NY. Open house this weekend for my... house. (allow myself to introduce... myself) Sunday 2-4. I had a couple look this week. They didn't like the "3rd bedroom" which is more like a living room, and the tile countertop. They thougth that would be hard to clean. Other than that the realator said she thought it showed well and that it was priced right. That was really good to hear. Otherwise I'm waiting on Dr Murphy to get some forms back to me which should arrive today and then I'll mail in my medical info and after THAT, if that passes inspection, then i'll get my OFFICIAL INVITATION to a country and a program!!!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Same ol' Shmame ol'

Not much new to report. My cousin Dixie has her own blog up and going. She'll be leaving for Ghana for her Peace Corps training late September. Wa-Hoo!! I'm still waiting for medical clearance. It looks like I'm going to have to get my lower Wisdom teeth out before I leave. I got a call from my doctor yesterday (Sunday). Come to find out he was working on a Sunday to get some paperwork caught up and he had some questions for me on the form he was filling out. I couldn't believe he was working on Sunday! That's dedication! Way to go Doc Murphy! My friend Jennifer MeGee told me that if you have anything wrong with you that isn't 'really wrong' then you shouldn't put it on your PC application and i'm finding that's mostly true. I've been on Paxil a few times for some depression/stress that i've gone through and I'm having to jump through SEVERAL hoops to get that cleared up. I haven't dealt with it for several years now but it's still there in my history. I've sent forms to Laura Hirleman my counselor at Campus House for her to fill out and forms to my doctor about perscriptions. It's all just delayed the process a couple of weeks. Kathy Doyle (who gets married in a few weeks and is then moving to NY) has agreed to take Leighla so I'm now looking for a home for Bear. She said she might be able to take both dogs. I'd hate to separate them they've been together for about a year now since Leighla was a pup, but that might be the only option. Side note, Andy got a job w/ Progressive Insurance on Wednesday and on Thursday he called me and said he bought a new 2005 Jeep! Welcome to the working class and to being in Debt, Andy!