Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Prayer Request

I never do this, but I have a sincere prayer request to ask of my readers and friends. I believe in the awesome power of prayer, especially the power of prayer by several people. My house was supposed to close on November 23. The buyer wanted to take possession at closing and so I sold and gave away ALL of my furniture and possessions except for what I could store in my parent extra closet and storage shed. 2 days before closing the buyer backed out of buying, leaving me with an empty house, a peace corps invitation which I accepted because I thought this was a nearly done deal, and a house I'm trying to sell in the middle of the worst time to sell a house. People don't want to buy houses in the winter. They don't want to move in the cold or relocate their children from schools at this time. It's a very humbling thing to just sit and sit and wait for a house to sell. It's a very helpless feeling because there's nothing to DO to make anything happen any faster. The funny thing about real estate is I could have it listed for sale for 2 years and not have an offer or list the same house at the same price for 2 days and the right buyer comes along and offers the asking price. It's just the nature of the beast. The point is this, I will not be able to leave for the Peace Corps in March if the house is not sold. Period. Come hell or high water the house must sell before I go. Which, in turn, may bump my leave date back another several months. So I'm asking for prayers because I don't know what else to do. Maybe this is part of God's 'plan'? Maybe he's trying to get me to trust Him all the way through the process and up until the very end like he did to Abraham when he was asked to sacrifice Isaac. I don't know, so in the mean time I'll pray and ask you to do the same if you would please. Just take a moment right after you read this and send one up. Or better yet, post your prayer as a comment so that others can read your prayer and pray it as well. Either way, any and all prayers are appreciated.