Thursday, July 21, 2005

Broken ball joints and MATHIAS!!!

I was due to attend a peace corps picnic last night for which I had just stoppedy by the Discount Den of child labor otherwise known as Wal-Mart when my truck decided to break down. Fortunately, right there nearby was a Big O Tire (which I believe is an Irish name) and my former place of occupation, Applebees. Easy solution, tow the truck to Big O, supper tonight at the 'Neighborhood Bar & Grill'. While there, I made a striking discovery. Is there anyplace that offers you more unconditional love and support than your fellow restaurant employees? I get more care, concern and attention from my Apple-buddies than from friends, co-workers and especially church folk... what's up with that?? Any thoughts are welcome. Included, you'll find a link to Mathias' blog. Mathias is a Redneck, straight up, and one of my best friends that I don't know. Our relationship extends to me yelling MATHIAS at the top of my lungs whenever i see him, to which he replies 'PERVIS' and that's about as far as we ever get. If you want to see pictures of Tractor Pulls and Combine Derby's check out his blog. A true education for all City Dwellers.


At 21 July, 2005, Anonymous MATHIAS said...


At 25 July, 2005, Blogger ashby said...

I think the comraderie (speling iz funn!) of foodservice employees is due to the fact that they, you know, work and suffer together - concepts that are surprisingly distant from many churches.

Plus, you can hang out at the bar and drink a lot when your shift is over. Also something the church should look into, I think.


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