Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Process

Well, here i am after the first month of applying for the PC and i'll do my best to update you on the entire process. It was early in June (i can't remember the exact date) that i officially submitted my peace corps application. I'll write about my reasons for applying in a later post. The application itself is very long and it deters many potential applicants and general deadbeats from actually applying. The peace corps estimates that it takes approximately 8 hours to complete the application which includes 2 essays about your reasons for wanting to join as well as what cross-cultural experience you have. You need 3 letters of reccomendation from 3 very different sources: former employer (Lanny Parker Morristown Jr/Sr High Principal), someone who supervised me in volunteer work (Mark Nelson Minister Purdue Christian Campus House), and a close friend (Jill Case friend of 11 years priceless). Once the application was submitted i recieved some media from the office in Chicago requesting that i schedule an interview. I also recieved an email stating that a recruiter would be at IUPUI Friday, June 24th. I went and interviewed with Jamie. The interview went as expected. Basic questons: why i wanted to join?, how i handled stress?, how well i got along with people? They're basicly looking for red flags as to what might be difficult adjusting to 2 years away from the familiarities and comforts of my good ol' American home and way of life while working with a group of strangers who are intensly different from me. They also looked at my mad skills and did an assessment of which program i would be placed in and they have several: IT (computer stuff), Teaching English, Agriculture, Construction, Community Development, Business/Economics, Environment/Forrestry. They are all basicly teaching positions no matter what you are doing you are teaching people.


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