Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee, Fund Raising, and a WHOLE Bunch of Pictures

I spent the past 2 weeks in and around Kampala for a workshop/vacation. Taking pictures mostly but also wearing myself out playing Ultimate Frisbee. (Please check out my recent pictures of Kampala on my flickr.com badge on the right. They’re some of the best pictures I’ve taken while serving as a PCV.) The Peace Corps put together 2 teams to compete in a 6 team tourney. We played last year and were only able to beat the high school kids, several of which were playing for the first time. This year we set out to do a little better.

Didn’t really happen. We fielded 2 teams this year instead of one. We beat the high school kids again and we were able to beat the other PC team, but other than a late game ralley where we trailed 8-7, we really weren’t in any of the games, but it was still a ton of fun. It’s the only time of the year that I can let loose my competitive side. In Kampala they meet weekly and scrimmage/practice in a sort of a league, so the Ugandans and ex-pats who play are very good! Very good! We played 5 games the first day. Five games of sprinting around, covering people, like you would in football or soccer is very tiring, but as my friend Przemek said, “It’s a good tired.”

Rotary to Fund Raise

I just received word that the Rushville Rotary is preparing to begin fundraising for the Compassion project I’m working with. They are trying to raise $5,000 by selling raffle tickets. We still need to raise a little over $8,000 for the building project and I would like to be able to raise some extra money for income generating projects or purchase land/home building materials for some of our poorest families. I’ll try to get information on the raffle and post it soon.

Picture Time

I don’t want to write a whole lot. I really want you to just scroll through my pictures. I put up just under 100 and if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then you’ve got a lot of reading to do!


At 13 February, 2008, Anonymous Ann Shaw said...

Your pics are awesome!!!

At 15 February, 2008, Blogger NanettePC said...

the pics are pretty amazing. it makes me very excited to see everything myself in just a few weeks! i DO NOT miss the market scene - pretty much the definition of harrassment. clearly Uganda is way more advanced than Burkina. i used to feel like you were roughing it, but now that i see you've had a 3 story mall for the past 2 years, i'm not so sure...
it looks like you're in the making to be a photographer. great pics.


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