Monday, May 14, 2007

The Purdue Group

Shortly after I arrived in Uganda, I started thinking about how neat it would be if Purdue Campus House would send a small team of college students here for a mission trip, similar to what I did when I went to Mexico and largely a reason that I’m doing the Peace Corps now. I had an email typed up and ready to send in, but I waited for some reason. Then, unexpected and shockingly, I received a message from them stating how they were interested in sending a small team to Uganda and were wondering if I could help them out in any way… I couldn’t believe it to say the least. So… several months later, it’s all set, they’re now here for a little less than 2 weeks. They are living with local Ugandan families and are working with Compassion. I love the schedule I’ve got for them. It shouldn’t be too rigorous. You don’t want to try to squeeze too much into it. There’s only so much time after all. We’ll be working with the kids when they come to the center, going out to the kids’ homes and doing some basic work around their houses and gardens, donating things like goats, roofing material, toys (which were bought and donated by Purdue students). The Purdue team had to raise about $2500 each for their trip here. 14 of them. A mix of students, former students, and 2 team leaders whom I went to school with when I was at the Purdue Campus House. They will be visiting an HIV/AIDS hospital one day and hanging out with Peace Corps Volunteers one night for good food and dancing. They will be doing some dramas at 2 local churches and they’ll also be going on a safari while they’re here. It should be an absolutely amazing and eye opening 2 weeks for them and I’m glad that I’m even in a position where I can just be a part of it all.


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