Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Sweet It Is!!!

Super Bowl Champions!! I know that I'm supposed to be talking about my Peace Corps experience in Uganda and all but if I don't talk about the Colts then I just wouldn't be being myself. The Colts defeated the Bears in Super Bowl XLI 29-17! And they did it without a superstar quarterback carrying the load, instead they did it with a superstar team which included a superstar quarterback! It was Awesome and sepcial to watch, especially being here. We had some friend over to watch the game. It started at 2am local time but the 'pre-game' began at 9pm, so you can bet that I was sitting there on the front row at exactly 9pm while the other guys filtered in hours later. The power had been out all morning, just as it had the previous morning but around 6pm it came back. I was nervously awaiting power all day. Normally we have power all the time here but it does go out occasionally. The game began with 7 of us in attendence. Not quite the 1 billion that they said was watching the game, but it was enough. 6 Americans and 1 confused Ugandan (Bruno). There was some extra-curricular excitement. As the game neared the end of the 1st quarter the power flickered and then went out!! I was afraid that it wouldn't turn back on. You never know. Sometimes it's out for 2-3 minutes, sometimes it's out for days. I rushed to turn on my shortwave radio and we hurridly scrolled through the stations looking for the broadcast. One volunteer called his parents to have them look up a station. With 1 billion people watching you would think SOMEONE would be broadcasting it on shortwave, right? We desperately searched, even if it was in Spanish, we would have listened to it... noting. So we waited. Several guys fell asleep as we waited. Finally, about 30 minutes later, it came back, only to have the satellite reception freeze up on us minutes later. It was raining here which gave the feeling of being in the game because it was raining in Miami too. The rain and cloudcover scrambled the reception for most of the 3rd quarter and again we waited for the rain to die down. Finally it did and we could see that the Colts were up 22-14. With around 3 minutes left the other guys started high fiving me and congratulating me on the game (as if I had something to do with it). It was a special game indeed. Worth staying up to see and worth many Colts losing seasons to wait for!


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